The Blossom Avenue

Innovation Building Fund


The objective is to create profitable development and innovation within stabilized urban environments with strong traits by discovering areas, buildings and settings whose potential can be expressed by skillful enhancement projects, which would be, in turn, able to produce revenue and turn near spaces into areas of interest and redevelopment.

The Blossom Avenue Management has successfully completed projects for more than € 300 million for their investors, while entirely managing the project and its execution: revenue to revenue has been the strategy that, throughout the years, The Blossom Avenue Management and its illustrious team has applied to its work.

Fund structure

Luxembourg s.C.A. Sicav – fiar

Term and investment period

8 years

First target

€ 50.000.000, up to € 200.000.000

Total project value

€ 450.000.000

Target return

12 – 15% irr

Min. equity commitment

€ 1.250.000

Target ltv

Up to 70%

Management fee

0,2% of the gross asset value

Performance fee

0,2% of the gross asset value

Average projects duration

2 years


There are macro and micro economic indicators which support a profitable investment in some parts of Italy, within the urban region of Milan, first of all, as well as in some of the most sought-after places of touristic development.

Northern Italy, Milan in particular, is the economic heart of the country, and the urban region of Milan is one of the most dynamic in Europe, with constant and continuous growth, so much to be considered a “shelter” for investors.

Milan has gained praise around the world, in the last few years, for its ability and the speed at which it was able to transform and successfully regenerate ample urban environments. The other regions, where the fund invests, represent indisputable value with their high-quality and high-value properties, as well as a quality of life that is probably the highest in the world.

Average time for the drawing up of complex projects in the Urban Region of Milan (year 2017) – Source: Urbnet Lab – Politecnico di Milano
In such places, a project means to be able to combine innovation and tradition, new life styles and wise behaviors which are deeply-rooted in history.
NTN: Number of transactions of “normalized” buildings- Source: Observatory of the Housing Market – Tax Revenue Agency
GDP per capita per citizen (Year 2016) – Source: Drawing up of the Craftsman’s Association Study on Istat data


The Blossom Avenue Management and its team have been working together for years on the discovery of and investment in key processes of the urban transformation in some parts of Italy and abroad, and they have been completing articulated projects of urban regeneration for areas and buildings with the following characteristics:


creates feasible, real and concrete projects which are already authorized, reducing risks


create synergies with the population and the adjacent neighborhoods, which will benefit restorative capabilities


economically convenient and not expensive in terms of time, resources, and money necessary to the execution


Peaceful environments, harmoniously inserted in nature, ergonomically designed for every-day life


The projects that made up The Blossom Avenue portfolio are intentionally different in nature and dimensions, in order to allow, during the eight years of planned programming, for a constant production of income by starting, gradually, both smaller and bigger projects. With its commitment in the Innovation Building Fund, The Blossom Avenue wanted to create a “container” of development and transformation projects which is always open and able to understand, flexibly and dynamically, the market and the transformation trends of urban areas. These are the few principles that regulate the composition and the selection of the portfolio, together with, of course, their high profitability.


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The Blossom Avenue Management is the operative company of the bigger The Blossom Avenue. Formerly Fda International, which in 2008 brought Marco Facchinetti and Marco Dellavalle together, The Blossom Avenue Management has been working, from day one, on urban transformation processes within complex urban contexts, in Italy as well as, especially, in the United States.

As a consultant for the most important brands of the Italian distribution chain, The Blossom Avenue has been able to build, for each one of them, contexts with strong urbanity and a significant construction and population quality, as part of the process of economic appreciation of the areas of the projects, as well as added value to the brand itself. The same way, The Blossom Avenue has worked with the most important public institutions on planning to transform, renovate, and change.


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